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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

This is how Sabina chege and mille Adhiambo dressed to parliament nearly made them thrown out of parliament

Male mps were quick to notice Sabina chege and Millie adhiambo dress code.
Today was Sabina chege birthday , but after wishing her happy birthday Majority of the mps quickly noticed her dress code.
Led by makueni mp danson who raised a point of order questioning Sabina chege dress code.

"Is it in order for Sabina and Millie Odhiambo in a manner of dressing although for Sabina I understand today is her big day. Is that really the dress code for Parliament? Is it really parliamentary?" he wondered.

Sabina chege was wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt which clearly exposed her chest area when she kneeled.
While mille adhiambo was wearing an African attire which was too tight.

In her part Sabina chege said she should be excusedsince it was her birthday while mille adhiambo maintained her look was African and she imported it from Mauritius.

Duale message to them was that They should dress appropriately and mbadi joined in with the following message.

"There is a standard way of dressing and this House has traditions. An honourable member cannot expose her or his body and especially Sabina is dressed. She is properly dressed for her birthday but inappropriately dressed for the chambers. You see she has exposed her arms," Mbadi joined in.

See photos below.

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