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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

There is no way i can be corrupt than Daniel moi Who was in office for 24 years Waiguru refutes ipsos poll

Anne Waigiru has refuted recent poll by ipsos , placing her second most corrupt person at 31% while deputy president Ruto topped the list at 33%.
Waiguru said that the poll was doctored by individuals who want to bring her down.
Waiguru Said that there is now way in hell that he can be more corrupt than Moi.
"They ranked me higher than Moi, is that even possible? Waiguru wondered.
"Jeff, we all no Moi was in power for more than 24 years, Does it mean I stole more than Moi in the 3 years I was in office?"Waiguru asked Jeff Koinange.

She maintained that corruption cannot be measured and tasked ipsos to provide the unit they used to measure that she is one of the most corrupt individuals in the country.
Waiguru also wanted the kabura affidavit to be provided by EACC.

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