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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Sonko issues statement about demolishment of Weston Hotel

Sonko has finally broken his silence about demolishing of Weston hotel.
Sonko made it clear that if Weston hotel is found to be among buildings on riparian areas it will be demolished.
He was responding to kiambu Governor Ferdinand waititu who  opposed  the demolitions saying rivers near buildings should be moved.

"He (Waititu) should know we don't mix friendship with work. Even
Weston (Hotel) and many other buildings shall not be spared if found to be on riparian or public land," Sonko asserted.

Sonko maintained that no building would be spared in the exercise including the deputy president Weston hotel.
He also added.

"My good friend and colleague should concentrate on his county or maybe he does not know what is the definition of a Riparian land.
"That's why even in campus he was copying me during CATs. In fact he needs to tell us the status of a petrol station constructed on a grabbed public access at the junction of Mihango and Njiru. Or maybe he's scared of the facts," Sonko was quoted by a local media house.

Sonko say that the exercise targeting 4000 buildings in Nairobi will continue

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