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Monday, 6 August 2018

Shiro Aunt boss Biography:Real name husband and children

She is a well known figure in popular show Aunt boss which airs on NTV every Tuesday.
She portrays an illiterate maid working for a smart working class woman.
She is the main character in the show and has managed to gain popularity due to her comical way of acting.
Her real name Nyce Wanjeri and her husband name is Titus.
In a past interview Sharon aunt boss revealed she struggled before making it as an actor.

"So hard were the struggles that some days, all we could do as a family was sit at home, join hands and fervently pray to God to intervene."


Here is what she said about her education in an interview with daily nation 

". I come from a humble background; actually, I didn’t know I would make it to high school, so I didn’t even bother to work hard in primary school. My uncles saw me through high school but after that, there was no money for college. My first audition was more about me wanting to feed my family. But in good time I shall go back and pursue what I want."

Husband and children

Shiro and her husband Titus are blessed with two children and here are exclusive photos of the family.

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