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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Ruto responds to survey naming him the Most corrupt politician in Kenya

The DP's spokesperson David Mugonyi released a statement conveying: "The so-called survey used data that is too politically correlated to be meaningful. Political rivalry and corruption perception have been conflated to produce distorted opinions in a libellous crusade by shadowy sponsors.
"At a time when people are so desperate that they want to amend the constitution to bar DP from running for presidency, it should not shock anyone that a survey like this would be concocted," Mugonyi proclaimed.
He added that good governance for national transformation relies on solid statistics and that institutions should be careful not to mislead Kenyans with faulty or fraudulent statistics, even for mundane purposes.
"We must resist a culture of cooked surveys, manipulated data and stage-managed findings," he stated.
On her part, an aggravated Waiguru declared that she would sue the research firm over their latest findings terming them as propaganda.

Source kenyans.coke

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