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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Ruto Asks Raila and Mudavadi to support him for top seat in 2022 instead of Gideon

Ruto has asked opposition leaders to rally behind him in 2022.
Ruto made the Remarks  today in western province in a function attended by mudavadi.

Ruto noted that he had supported mudavadi and Raila previously and maintained that it's time for Them to return the favor.

"I supported Raila in 2007 he became prime minister, I supported mudavadi he became deputy prime minister is it bad for me to ask them to support me now? He quizzed
"I am humbly asking you to support me in the run up to 2022 , because I have only one step I reach there" he said in Kiswahili maintaining that he is the one closest to be president.

This might be direct message to Gideon Moi who has been asked several times to put aside his Presidential ambitions and support Ruto who is closest to the seat.

This move by Ruto shows how a calculative politician he is.
Ruto knows that mount kenya vote is not guaranteed so he is stretching his hands wide open to work with all leaders, ahead of 2022 Elections.

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