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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Ruto answers all those calling him corrupt, Tells them shindwe

Deputy president has hit back at all those people calling him corrupt.
He says it's not a must you come from a prominent family for you to be rich.
He took to Twitter to answer calls a poll which ranked him the most politicians In the country.
Here is his message to all those tarnishing his name.

"Those running 'injili ya shetani'that unless your father was a minister,a vice president or a president however hard you work you must remain poor and if not a pauper you must be corrupt & have stolen, they should know that those without god fathers we have GOD the father.Shindwe"

He has earlier during the day shared this message.

"When my competitors are through with(mon-sun)sponsored headlines, paid opinion polls & fake news they are welcome to the real contest based on real mwananchi issues SGR, roads, connecting people to electricity, equipping our hospital &Tivets and matters water. Nawangojea huko."

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