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Friday, 3 August 2018

Real hustler:How deputy president William Ruto makes 1 million per day in Cow business

DP H.E. William Samoei Ruto has 1000
dairy cows in his 50- acre Sugoi farm.
Nearly 800 of them calves every year
as the rest completes their lactation
He has a private milk cooling plant that
can accommodate 50,000 litres of milk
per day!
Now,each cow in a single day's milking
produces 30-45 litres,lets put the
average at 35 per cow.
Cows milked daily is between 700 and
800,lets put average at 700 to make
our math easy.
So 700×35= 24,500 litres per single
A litre of milk when sold directly to
processing companies e.g brookside
goes at 34 shillings per litre(current
Means 24,500 litres × 34 = 833,000
shillings a day!
A cool Ksh24,990,000/- per month!

It's evident that William Ruto is a shrewd business man with vast interest in various businesses so if you see him donating 1 million in several functions don't be surprised,he is a successful business man.

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