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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Omosh Tahidi High Biography:Real name,Two wifes photos and Children

Omosh Tahidi High is one of the most celebrated actors in the country.
He started off in popular TV series tahidi high, back in 2005 and his star has risen ever since then.
Omosh Tahidi high is currently one of the most notable actors in the country.
Real name 
Omosh Tahidi high real name is Joseph kinuthia and he  before acting he started as a truck driver.

Two wife's 
Omosh Tahidi high or better known as Joseph kinuthia is married to two wifes and he is not shy about it
Unknown to many,Mrs. Ngatia in Tahidi High Is Kinuthia’s first wife in real life.
Kinuthia disclosed that he has a second wife, Known As Shanty Mumbi. Asked why he married two women, he divulges that it was all out of love.

Siblings who are actors
Omosh Tahidi high Two sister  are actors.
the late Wanade (Beth Nyambura Mbaya) was Kinuthia’s bloodsister andsois Naomi Kamau aka AlisonofMother-in-Law.
There father was also an actor.
Baha of machachari calls Omosh uncle.


Omosh has revealed that he is father of many 

Last photo is of Omosh and his lovely children.

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