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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

New ipsos poll names Ruto as the most corrupt individual in Kenya

A new ipsos poll has been released and it places deputy president Ruto at the top.
the survey placed Ruto at the top with 33% closely followed by kirinyaga Governor Anne Waigiru at 31%.
The damning 2018 IPSOS report on graft, released on Wednesday, August 22, showed Kenyans strongly believed the deputy president was the most corrupt leader in the country, followed closely by Waiguru.
According to the report 32% believed corruption was the biggest problem in the country.
51% had confident that president Uhuru Kenyatta will succeed in the war against corruption.

This report comes amid calls for lifestyle audit on all government officials.
The fight against corruption intensified after the NYS scandal was unearthed where 9billion kenyan shillings of tax payers money went under the water.

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