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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Mary Kilobi:I would have still married Atwoli even if he was penniless,But his money gave him advantage (video)

Mary Kilobi is one of the most talked about Tv personality, she is marrying Atwoli who is almost hitting 70 years , yet she is only 35 years old.

Marry Kilobi has finally spoken about their relationship with the cotu boss.
She said she knew Atwoli over 13 years ago , when she was working in a Radio station in Uganda .
She kept in touch with Atwoli and even rejected Atwoli several times before coming back to kenya.
"He is a Caring man.If i loved him for the money, I would have accepted his proposal the first time he proposed to me."

Marry Kilobi said that after she broke up with his ex, who was a young man and treated her badly.She said that at exactly that time Atwoli had separated with his wife, so they were both single and decided to date.

I did not love him for his money, she made it clear.
"If he was broke , I could still have loved him because he is a Caring man.but the money is an added advantage" she quipped.
" It's good to be in a relationship knowing that your future is secured . she maintained."

She said that her life has changed since she met Atwoli.
She is now preparing to be the best wife after  the wedding.

Watch video here

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