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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Kenyans surprised after Waiguru reveals her net worth on live TV, I did not steal even a single cent She claims

Anne Waigiru has revealed is her worth on live TV .
Waiguru maintained that kenyans should not expect her to be poor, after more than 20 years in public service.
Waiguru revealed that her net worth is 300 million Kenyan shillings.

On recent Survey by ipsos, Waiguru said that there is no way She can be corrupt than Moi who was in office for 24 years.

“Let’s assume I’m the most corrupt and therefore I have acquired a lot of money from government which I am now using and so my value should be several billion shillings, isn’t it?” She posed to Jeff.
“The people you are being ranked with are multi billionaires. I haven’t even reached Ksh300 Million in terms of worth” Waiguru declared.

She went ahead to list her property which includes an house in Runda, kitisuri estate house
She added
“I have a small property on Mombasa –Mlolongo Road which I’ve had for a long time, half an acre in Lukenya and another acre with a rentable place in Sagana. That’s it” she exclaimed

Waiguru wondered why she is being ranked in corruption with other billionaires.

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