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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Joey Muthengi to marry Popular Governor next year at age of 34, she reveals more details

Joey Muthengi is one of the most popular entertainment TV personalities in Kenya.
The one question in every bodies  mind is when will Joey Muthengi get married?
Joey Muthengi was born in 1985 which means she is currently 33 and will turn 34 next year.
Joey Muthengi has for the first time hinted that she is dating and wedding will be next year.
She revealed that she is dating a popular Governor but refused to give kenyans the Name.

So Joey Muthengi looking all gorgeous posted a picture of her sister and husband. Then the comments flooded.

Frasha from P-unit commented saying: you are next

Many fans also commented asking her when she will get married.
She finally had enough and revealed to everyone that she is Bibi wa Governor.
She posted the picture below with the following caption.
"Tired but happy.showed Governor your comments ,asked him when our church wedding will take place akasema tutapanga pole pole, seriously tho#bibiyagovernor.

We will not speculate much, but which Governor is single? Or not married?

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