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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Jemutai Churchill:Real name , husband photos and children photos

Jemutai Churchill has grown to be one of the biggest commedians in the country.
One of the untold stories about jemutai is that she auditioned for 10 months straight before being picked by Churchill.
She used to live with her mom back in 2015, and her mom could sponsor her every week to audition for Churchill which she tried and failed for 10 months before finally being picked.

Real names
Stella Bunei Koitie but her stage name is jemutai
Which portrays a village girl first time in the capital city and her observations about the capital city.

Husband and children
Jemutai is a proud mother of one.
Not much is known about her husband but it is said that she is a single mom after separating with her baby daddy.
Here are photos of jemutai Churchill and her young baby.


“Professor Hamo is not my baby daddy. Such stories can destroy a family. He helps me a lot with my comedy and we work together, that is why we are are always seen together but we are not dating,” said Jemutai.

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