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Friday, 10 August 2018

How my parents found out am HIV positive at age of 8,Doreen Moraa narrates her story

The pretty Moraa celebrated her 26th birthday with a powerful message.
She was born to HIV discordant parents.
Here is her story.

Read her post below.
Today I turn 26…..I don’t celebrate birthdays I celebrate life. life of living positively with HIV since 1992 to 2018.
Amen! 26 years ago I was born to a HIV discordant couple, my mum is positive my dad is negative I’m their third born and my 3 other siblings are very much negative.
My parents found out I was positive when I was 8, my doctors said if I reach 13 then I’ll be able to grow up a normal child but God wasn’t done with me yet he has added me 13 more years and this is just the beginning coz I know God’s not done with me yet.
I’m open about my HIV status not because of the pity but because one day i want someone to look at me and say “because of you, i did not give up” .
Living positively isn’t easy but I remind myself everyday that “I am greater than HIV” and that keeps me going I don’t know who I might be talking to this morning but everyday remind yourself you are greater that any circumstance that you are in.

The beauty queen Doreen moraa has proved that you can live HIV positive and still enjoy life.
Here is her photo.

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