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Friday, 3 August 2018

Here is the Car youngest MP is now Driving after campaigning on Foot.

Last year, Igembe South constituents surprised Kenyans when they elected a poor man as their Member of Parliament.
Paul Mwirigi, 24, was elected despite campaigning on foot.
He had no car when campaigning.
In fact it is President Uhuru Kenyatta who gave him his first car when he was elected.
the MP has bought a brand new Range Rover and has moved from Prado to the new range Rover sport car valued at 25 million.
The new MP surprised everyone last year by becoming the youngest MP at 25 years only and coming from poor background with no financial muscle.
It seems the young MP has already forgotten where he had come from, he now drives in a convoy of cars wherever he visits the voters who trusted him with their lives despite him being from a poor background.
The mp was involved in an incident over the weekend where he attacked a voter by the name wanugu while he was driving in a convoy in his village.

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