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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Explosive Details of Philomena Mwilu’s Love Affair with Amos Wako.

Philemona Mwilu came into public limelight few days ago when he was dramatically arrested inside supreme Court .
Philemona Mwilu is facing corruption charges involving imperial bank which went under receivership.
About Mwilu love life, most people don't know about it.
Mwilu is married to busia senator Amos wako .
The time they first met, Amos Wako was the long time, kenyan attorney general .
Mwilu, who was working as a legal executive at a local insurance company, visited the former AG for some official assistance.

They said it was love at first sight and the two started off their romantic relationship there after.
At the time of their meeting Amos Wako was married and had two children while Philemona Mwilu had three children.

Since then, although they never officially married, Wako had taken Mwilu as his second wife and have been living together ever since .
Wako and Mwilu have often been introduced as a couple in meetings.

The Nairobian quoted a number of close friends to the two learned partners who indicated that the two are "perfect partners".
“I drink with Wako regularly. He loves his whiskey and he doesn’t mind drinking till late, but in more than a decade, I have never seen him with any other woman,” the anonymous friend stated.

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