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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Anne Ngirita Biography:Husband photos , Age, children and Net Worth

Anne Ngirita is one if the most popular figures in the NYS Scandal.
She is being credited to be among the Whistle blowers after she confessed to supplying nothing, yet she received over 60 million shillings.

Ngirita husband photos
Not much details is known about Anne Ngirita husband .
It is said he is a popular figure and Anne Ngirita sent him a coded message while in prison reading "Daddy Ngirita" which meant that Anne Ngirita wanted the attention of her baby Daddy.
Currently we have no photos of Ngirita husband but we will keep you updated soon.
Ngirita age
Ngirita was born in 1988, she is turning 30 years this year.
She spent most of her schooling years in naivasha where she studied upto secondary level.

NYS scandal
Anne Ngirita an her family her the main chief suspects in NYS scandal.
She is being accused of receiving over 60 million fraudulently.
Her case will commence on September together with other NYS suspects.

Anne Ngirita is blessed with one child.

Anne Ngirita has three brothers and two sisters .
Most of her sisters are married a broad.

Net worth
Before NYS scandal Anne Ngirita was rumoured  to be worth 100 million.

Photo: Anne Ngirita and her brother hon Jeremiah Ngirita who is eying naivasha Parliamentary seat.

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