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Saturday, 18 August 2018

All photos of Johana Ngeno Wedding,Only single MP who married at age 45

Johanna Ngeno had come under heavy criticism while campaigning because of his bachelor hood.
Ngeno was single at age of 45.
Ngeno who is a lawyer by profession managed to be reelected despite being a single man .
In kalenjin tradition a man without a wife cannot be offered leadership position.
Today he bid farewell to the bachelors club.
He married his sweetheart Nayianoi Ntutu, a young massai girl.

Congratulations Emurua Dikirr MP, Hon. Johana Ngeno and Nayianoi Ntutu on your wedding. For sure - He who gets a wife gets a good thing. Johanna is gifted in political oratory. May he now be filled with Poetry and Prose too .

Here are exclusive photos of the wedding.

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