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Thursday, 2 August 2018

5 things to know about wavinya ndeti late husband Who is Nigerian

Wavinya ndeti is one of the most popular female politicians in Kenya.
He nearly won the machakos Governor seat where she was defeated by the incumbent Governor Mutua by a small Margin.
He successfully challenged the win and the won it.
The case is now in supreme Court.
Wavinya ndeti husband by the name Dolamu Henry Oduwole was born in Nigeria. He passed on in 2016 when his blood pressure rose to alarming rates.

Here are 5 interesting facts about wavinya ndeti late husband Dolamu Henry Oduwole.

1.He comes from a Nigerian royal family.Oduwale came from a royal family. Both Oduwale's mother Iyabode Oduwale who died in 2004 and his father Adeneke Oduwale who died in 1960s came from  Nigerian royal families passing the same to their children.

2.They met while studying
Wavinya ndeti met her husband while studying in London for her higher education.
He was also studying.

3.he was once denied Visa to enter Kenya.
Wavinya ndeti late husband was once denied entry to kenya by the kenyan government for having a criminal record but he challenged the government and won the case.

The late Oduwale was a certified accountant and big time businessman from the United Kingdom where he was residing before the two met and fell in love.

5.He had moved to Kenya
Until her death wavinya ndeti husband was living and staying in Kenya.
It seems he had fallen in love with the country.

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