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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Wilbroda Biography:Real name, Real husband and children,5 Million car

Wilbroda is a Kenyan comedian ,actress and Radio Presenter.
She is very popular in the TV show papa shirandula where she acts as wife of main actor papa shirandula.

Real name
Wilbroda whose real names are Jackie Nyaminde acts in the popular television show known as papa Shirandula where she acts as the wife to papa Shirandula. She is also a co-host at Citizen Radio morning program called Jambo Kenya.
She is the first born in a family of 6 and was raised and brought up in Nairobi.
She attended Kongoni and Uhuru Gardens Primary Schools in Nairobi for her primary education and Koru Girls’ High School .
She said that her late father encouraged her in her acting Career an she owes everything to him.
Husband and children
Wilbroda is a single mother.
She was married but is now separated with the baby daddy of her child by the name Francis Ngira.
Photos of her baby daddy are all over the Internet and she is not ashamed of the fact that they are separated.
Wilbroda has said that when the right man comes along she will introduce him to the world.

Together they have a 6 year old son called xola

Here is what wilbroda said about their relationship.
Jacquey has a six year old son, Xola, but she does not define herself as a single mother. “I am only a single mum because I live with my son but his dad (Francis Ngira) is his best friend. He supports me financially and we are in it together. When we broke up, there was a lot of bitterness which is normal but now we are good friends and we even go to school functions together.” when interviewed by the standard.

Car she drives
Wilbroda is not ashamed to brag about God's blessings to her.
She said that she drives a 5 million car and she is not ashamed of it since few years ago she could not afford a bicycle.
“I had a very challenging childhood, especially my secondary school years when my parents lost their jobs. Life was hard, we did not even have a bicycle but now I drive a Mercedes Benz. I have even built a house upcountry for my mother. Also, I have met so many people including President Uhuru and the First Lady.” she said in a past interview.

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