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Monday, 2 July 2018

Why Uhuru and Ruto crisis meeting to mend rift in jubilee tomorrow as been cancelled

Over the recent few weeks Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta camp in Jubilee have been engaging in words which would widen the rift in jubilee.
Murkomen was one of those vocal Ruto supporters who admitted all was not well in jubilee.

Today Raphael tuju in a press conference has confirmed the cancellation of tomorrow crisis meeting.
The main reason being that there is no crisis in jubilee.
Raphael tuju has dispelled romours by politicians and the Media that there is crisis in jubilee .

Here is Raphael tuju statement as quoted by the star.

"I would like to assure members that there is nothing even remotely close to a crisis in the party to guarantee a PG. I am able to confirm that there will be no JPG meeting tomorrow and that any media reports to the contrary have no basis."
"What we are experiencing is a storm in a tea cup. We are one party with one President and deputy but as usual, the media needs blood to sell. You people were used to fighting between Jubilee and Nasa and now that they are working together you need to get something, by all means, to report on," he told journalists.

He made it clear that in consultation with majority leader Aden duale they have decided not to hold any meeting tomorrow as there was no need because there is no crisis in jubilee.

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