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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Why sonko was left out in Viral Obama Uhuru and Ruto photo

In a viral photo that has been trending online, Obama is seen posing for a photo with Uhuru, his deputy William Ruto, Obama’s sister, Auma, and Monica Juma while Sonko is seen looking on from the back in what some have interpreted as a keen look wanting to be part of photo.

The main reason Sonko was left out is because he was just arriving maybe from another place in state house and wanted join Obama and Uhuru Kenyatta and did not want to interrupt the photo session.
He could not just walk in an interrupt everything when the photo session was going on.

The photographer of the photo is Also to blame because he could have cut out Sonko instead of capturing him in the awkward position which has gone viral.

So that's the main reason why Sonko is seen standing awkwardly while others took pictures with Obama.

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