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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Why Gideon moi will never defeat Ruto Jakoyo Midiwo reveals

Jakoyo midiwo has said that fronting Gideon Moi  for 2022,is the greatest political joke in the country.
Speaking in a breakfast this morning Jakoyo midiwo said that Gideon Moi will only defeat Ruto in his dreams.

Gideon Moi has already declared his political interest in 2022 race and has always been thought to be William Ruto main political contender.

"It is unfortunate that trying to make Gideon a leader is like forcing him to drink milk yet he wants to imbibe something else. The scenario is similar to attempting to make a cow which only wants to graze in the homestead to get out to the wild, it will not," Midiwo observed

People are out here fighting for political power. Come out and stop seeking political mileage by sitting around your father because you are a grown man. The picture you are showing is not pleasant at all," Midiwo fired at the senator he was quoted by tuko news.

Jakoyo midiwo maintained that Gideon Moi will not get support outside Baringo and that the only legacy he can show is sitting behind his father's legacy and waiting for political backing from Uhuru Kenyatta and other leaders.

He maintained that Ruto even without political backing of politicians will still win the race.

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