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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Waiguru breaks silence reveals unknown details about first NYS scandal

Waiguru has claimed that she was the Whistle blower in the first NYS scandal which rocked the nation.
Most people did not know Waigiru was the Whistle blower but assumed she was the prime suspect up to now.

Waiguru was speaking yesterday in an international forum said that cartels started fighting her after she unearthed the rot in the NYS ministry.

She said she was fought because of her decision to invite the directorate of criminal investigations to look at the case.

“What I did not know was that I had attracted the ire of faceless individuals that were behind the scam which led to a political rebuttal,” said Waigiru claimed.

She said that she was not surprised that 3 years later another corruption case of a larger magnitude was witnessed in the ministry again.
Waiguru maintained her innocence and said that the asset and recovery agency had recovered most of what was stolen during first NYS scandal.

“It is therefore no wonder that three years after I left the ministry, the same NYS department is engulfed in another major scandal of Sh10 billion, 10 times larger than the initial one,” said Waiguru.

Waiguru was speaking on devolution at Chatham house in uk.

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