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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Video:Ruto is a thief, Alfred Keter claims in a funeral in Kisumu

Alfred Keter has issued a scathing attack on deputy president William Ruto saying he is a thief.
Keter who was speaking in a funeral service in Kisumu said that he will move Around the country warning others not to associate with deputy president Ruto.
Here is what he said
"They have taken us for a ride. They are now stealing from us. Recently I asked him because he called me saying I have started intimidating his 2022 Presidential ambitions. I told him my prayer is for you not to be the president because if you become one, other Kenyan tribes will hate us the Kalenjin saying we are thieves .
I will go round the country warning Kenyans that if they elect him, they should not associate the consequences of his leadership to the Kalenjin Nation."

His remarks have caused a stir in social media and sparked a wide spread condemnation.

Watch video here

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