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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Those opposing handshake are fools Kuria warns Legislators from Rift valley and central

Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila odinga truce has received a major boast after gathundu legislator and Ruto fierce supporter moses Kuria started supporting the handshake.
Until few weeks ago moses Kuria was against the handshake but it seems he has started embracing it.

Moses Kuria visited Kisumu city today and said that the handshake is the best thing to ever to happen to kenyans and warned those against it.

"The handshake is something to be proud of and we should all support it," Kuria said, "That I'm here in Kisumu is a manifestation that the handshake is real."
"I think only a stupid man can criticise a handshake, because it is not about politics," he added.

And what is deemed to be directed to tanga tanga movement Kuria said that Elections are over and it's time for development's.

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