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Friday, 27 July 2018

Story Of lulu and Rashid:She loved him when he was broke earning 5000 KSH

She was already a popular face on TV, she met this broke man struggling to make ends meet. She was blinded by love and didn’t despise him because of his financial constraints. But what is more surprising is that when time for him to pay dowry came, he only gave a prayer mat and a Quran. That’s what he could afford at that time because he was earning a mere Ksh 5,000 per month.
Even though Rashid abdalla did not have the financial prowess Lulu stuck with him all through.
Rashid was a struggling presenter when they first met while Lulu hassan was not poor since she comes from a well to do family, Lulu hassan family own real estate property where Lulu inherited after her mother passed on.

All through their career in the media lulu hassan has been earning more than her husband.
At citizen Tv while working with kanze Dena she was being paid 800,000 and more while Rashid was working In Qtv earning less than 150,000 and later moved to NTV also earning less than her husband.
Despite earning more than him he respected him as her husband.

After years of persistent and hard - work, the broke man has
risen up the ranks to become one of the most celebrated Swahili presenters in the media industry. Today they are working in the same media station hosting the same programme. The unconditional love of sister lulu and Rashid Abdalla.

Moral lesson:
Do not despise someone because of his financial status. Do not judge him based on where he is, his current condition and where he comes from. You may never know what tomorrow holds for him. My sister reading this piece, please do not turn away this skinny looking boy who want to settle down with you because of his current status. He might be in a place you will be proud of him one day.

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