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Friday, 6 July 2018

Raila odinga lands new government Roles

Raila odinga has landed new government Roles and will be now one of the most powerful people in the country.
Raila odinga who represented the kenya government as presidential official a move which cemented his position in the government.

After March handshake Raila odinga influence in government is growing each day.
Raila odinga visited India few days ago and was received by the kenyan ambassador in indian with entourage of cars and security something which can be accorded only to the president.

According to a report by The Star , the government has sent a circular to all foreign missions directing them to treat Raila as a senior government representative whenever he visits them.
Ambassadors and Heads of missions have also been instructed to accord Raila as the presidents representative and to personally welcome him and his entourage at airports.

He is also accorded with diplomatic security and embassy cars.
This clearly gives Raila odinga a status of top Government diplomat.
He is above all government cabinet secretaries and even the dp.
Only president Uhuru Kenyatta can receive more special treatment in international duties.

During his May visit to the UK, Raila is said to have been chauffeured in official embassy vehicles and was accorded state protocol a privilege he last enjoyed when he was the Prime Minister.

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