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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Photos:Meet former kiambu Governor son Alvin Kabogo who lives life on fast lane

Alvin Kiarie Kabogo is among the few rich kids of Instagram in Kenya. This young man eats life with the BIG spoon and lives it in the fast lane as well!!
He is always never shy to flaunt his wealth online and will always keep kenyans glued to his timeline to see the latest from this rich kid.

Alvin Kabogo is a party animal and loves taking photographs from his night life and sharing them online, partying with friends and pretty women is what makes up Alvin Kabogo night life.

Apart from flaunting his life In social media kabogo is a serious student and graduated with honors.

He’s been studying at the University of Brighton, a public university with five campuses in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings on the south coast of England.

Until his graduation (with a BSc Hons Business Marketing degree) he was a student at the Brighton campus. Brighton is a seaside resort in East Sussex.

We will not talk much about the fabulous life of Alvin Kabogo,let the photos do the talking.

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