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Sunday, 29 July 2018

New faces from opposition who might feature in cabinet in case of reshuffle

Wind of change is blowing. I'm told that the increased meetings between Uhuru, Raila, Gideon and Kalonzo have come up with a working arrangement. We may have a Kamba in Cabinet, another Luo and another Luhyia.
These changes will take place on the grounds of fighting corruption....and will increase the foothold of Raila and Gideon in Power.

Sources alluding that President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to reshuffle his Cabinet secretaries anytime from today. A secret meeting between Raila and the President at the coast this weekend is a smoke signal that some of the cabinet might be shown the door.The said meeting is also said to have been attended by Hon.Steve Mbogo, silas Jakakimba,Ochilo Ayako,Junet Muhamed,Gideon Moi and Alfred Keter.Silas Jakakimba and Steve Mbogo might be beneficiaries of the said reshuffle.

Kalonzo whose wiper party joined jubilee yesterday might be rewarded with a cabinet slot or cabinet administrative secretary.

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