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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Moses Kuria warns Uhuru Kenyatta about Raila odinga

Moses Kuria has advised Uhuru Kenyatta to be wary of NASA Leader Raila odinga who crossed over to jubilee few months ago.
Kuria noted that Raila odinga has Betrayed a lot of people since the start of his Career.
Kuria noted that Raila is not a person to be trusted since he had Betrayed kalonzo musyoka, musalia and wetangula and went for the handshake alone.
He also noted that Raila odinga Betrayed miguna miguna who risked his all for him.
Raila odinga also Betrayed William Ruto and Henry kosgei at the height of ICC cases.

Few weeks ago miguna miguna named list of people Betrayed by Raila odinga with this post.
"We have had enough of Raila Odinga's Betrayals.
After the 1982 failed coup attempt that saw the slaughter of thousands of young Kenyans, mostly of young Luos in the Kenya Air Force, Raila Odinga BETRAYED his comrades HEZEKIAH RABALA OCHUKA, PANCRAS OTEYO OKUMU, ORIWA HONGO and JOSEPH OGIDI OBUON who were HANGED by Daniel Arap Moi."
He added that Raila Betrayed his comrades after 1982 failed coup attempt.
" Unknown to them, Raila had testified against them in camera. The deceptive greedy coward had crumpled and sold off his comrades to save his skin.
He also cowardly gave false testimonies from the Kamiti Maximum Prison where he was facing treason charges, falsely, against Charles Mugane Njonjo and claimed that Njonjo was the "main architect" of the 1982 coup attempt.
007 election conflict, Raila Odinga BETRAYED William Samoei Ruto and Henry Kosgey who were charged at the ICC."
He made it clear that Raila Odinga Betrayed him and other Kenyans after January 30 handshake.
"After the January 30th, 2018 public swearing in of Raila Odinga as the People's President, he BETRAYED Dr. Miguna Miguna , more than 500 of his supporters who had been butchered and thousands who had been maimed by the illegitimate Jubilee President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Samoei Ruto .
Raila went behind Miguna's back and conspired with Uhuru and Ruto to have Miguna's house and Kenyan passport destroyed. He arranged to have Miguna detained incommunicado, tortured and forcefully exiled. The coward did this in exchange of Kshs. 50,000,000,000 in order to to save his skin. Raila feared being charged with treason. But more significantly, he felt threatened by Miguna's popularity, which had exploded in the aftermath of his administration of the oath on Raila as The People's President.
We have had enough of Raila Odinga 's cowardice, greed and betrayals.
Thankfully, time and historical record have exposed his duplicity and blood-drenched record.
We are going to liberate Kenya from all the betrayers of our people."

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