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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Millie adhiambo family and why she is still childlessness at age 53

Millie adhiambo is one if the most popular ODM leaders in Kenya.
She managed to be elected as member of parliament for mbita constituency twice In a row in a male dominated field .

Despite that mbita is Married and she is living a long distance marriage with her husband working in Zimbabwe.

Millie is married to a Zimbabwean, Mr. Mabona, she said the distance between her and her husband is the main reason she does not have children.
She said she does Not want to have a child with foreigner and present it as kenyan.

One of the reasons I still don’t have a child is my lifestyle – I am married to non-Kenyan and I do not want to have a child with another man and purport to present it as my husband’s baby. Because of the distance and my age, we cannot have a child naturally, unless of course we go back to the biblical times of Abraham and Sarah. But miracles are in short supply nowadays,” Millie told the Nairobian in 2015.

Millie is a family woman and her family comprises of her Zimbabwean husband Magugu Mabona and a stepdaughter, Lebo Mabona who resides in Botswana.

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