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Monday, 2 July 2018

Matiangi Warns land grabbers

Fred matiangi has warned all land grabbers who want to take prison land .
Matiangi was speaking today at a prison facility where he talked to mothers who have children in prison.
He said that the children welfare and education will be taken care by the state.
He also talked about people who want to grab public land and said that he will ensure that no public land is stolen.
He said that he knows that kenya prison has 4000 acres in eldoret and 600 acres in Nairobi.
He maintained that he knows that people are trying to grab prison land and he will ensure that never happens.
"The problem with us is when people get into big office like myself we take advantage of our position and grab public land, for example now that am CS I tell land commissioner to give me a peace of public land somewhere and I build a house  " he said in Swahili.

"Let me make it clear an not interested in any public land and I will ensure I safeguard them as the cabinet secretary" matiangi made it clear.

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