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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Unknown details about Margaret Kenyatta family: Father,German mother brothers and sisters

Margaret Kenyatta is one of the best first ladies in Africa, she is very active in women empowerment projects and is known for her beyond zero campaign, the project aims to ensure zero deaths when mothers give birth.
Margaret Kenyatta is a quiet woman and little is known about her family.
We will break it down for you today details about her family.


Margaret Kenyatta’s father, Dr. Ephantus Njuguna Gakuo former Director Of State Controlled Kenya Railways Corporation, graduated with a PhD in Economics from Frelberg University in Germany in 1960, he also taught for a year. He died in 2005 just a year after Margaret Kenyatta was named un person of the year.

Mother .
Margaret Kenyatta mother is German .
They met with gakuo when he was studying in Germany.
Margaret Kenyatta mother is called Magdallena.

Brother and sisters
The gakuo family had two children.
Margaret Kenyatta and younger brother called maina gakuo.

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