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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Mama oliech last message to kenyans about her son that will melt your heart

Most kenyans don't know mama oliech story.
She has been battling cancer for the past six years and her son dennis oliech has spent a huge fortune of his money trying to heal her mother who was suffering from cancer.

She even flew her to France and other top hospitals in Europe.
Oliech spent over 130 million trying to treat his mother
Last year kenyans online trolled oliech saying he is broke after a picture of him looking frail was shared online.
But mama oliech came to the defense of her son.
Here is what he shared.
She Said:
“It is very unfortunate Kenyans are accusing my son of being broke and living a pathetic life, yet he is the one who stone point Raised The Kenyan flag high when his goal helped Stars to qualify for their last Africa Cup of Nations Event in 2004,”
“He has helped us whenever he can when it comes to family projects. However, all his siblings are stable and have families and jobs of their own. When I was Battling Lymphoma Cancer, he played a big role in making sure I got well.
“He found a doctor in France who treated me from 2013to 2016.He spent huge amounts of money. Now I am well, I just attend physiotherapy. Also, he supported me to open a second branch of Mama Oliech And a pub at Dagoretti Centre,”

It's clear oliech did all her best to treat his ailing mother.

Photo: Nairobi news

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