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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Major operation started by matiangi today to save Kenyans millions of jobs

Interior cabinet secretary matiangi has kicked off an operation to save Kenyans Millions of jobs .
Matiangi is one of the best performing cabinet secretaries in the country and has always been praised for his work ethic and transformative agendas.

Matiangi today has kicked off an operation to flush all illegal immigrants who have taken over jobs which can be done by kenyans.
The foreigners acquired their work permits illegally and matiangi has said that this exercise will save millions of kenyans jobs which were taken over by immigrants.

Immigration Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa affirmed that those who were found without work permits would be deported.
The PS disclosed that out of the 34,550 foreign workers in the country, 26,552 had verified their work permits in an exercise that ended last week.

Matiangi also promised to shake things in the immigration department and ensure that work permit is not issued to foreigners for jobs that can be done by kenyans.

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