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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Luo professor who predicted Raila will never be president in 2006 now languishing in poverty and hospitalitized

Former Cabinet Minister and Rtd. President Daniel Moi’s speech writer Prof. Ouma Muga is languishing in a state of necessity at Kikuyu hospital.
Could it be a crime in Kenya not to steal from the public? Could it also be the plight of not being incorruptible?
In 2006 at a funeral in Kochia, Professor Muga publicly said that Raila Odinga would not be President. This would later spark the wave of public uproar and the former chairman of Luo council of elders would immediately respond to him terming him as a ‘mad man ‘. History later vindicated him.
Before going down in sickness and old age not even his own County government could employ him. Kenya has turned its back to such a genius and no one is ready to put such brains into good use. As usual we are waiting for them to die and then celebrate them.

Children have abandoned him

My curiosity led me into, calling both his numbers, but both mteja. Anyone around Kikuyu where he is, kindly visit and let us know. This is beyond disheartening.
Prof.Joseph Ouma Muga's plight has been highlighted on several occasions and the worst of his condition is now his admission at low level Kikuyu Hospital.
To start with Prof. is a complete man wearing many hats.He has 2 sons and a daughter whom he took to School and are highly placed in different fields starting with Peter Muga aka Maembe Olo now married to an Australian in Tanzani. Another one is a lecturer Strathmore University and lastly her daughter is a high ranking UN senior staff.They have abandoned the father completely. WHAT NEXT?
Let us knock at our government's door
- Prof. was sacked by Moi as Ass.Minister of Environment because he joined FORD KENYA in push for multiparty Democracy we enjoy today.He helped NARC Government to establish Ministry of State and Special Program to develop policies and he established NDMU & NDOC that handles Disaster in the country today.

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