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Friday, 20 July 2018

Lulu hassan Biography: Education,work, husband and children

Lulu hassan is one of the most popular TV anchors in Kenya.
Together with kanze Dena they have attracted millions of viewers and fans across kenya and east Africa.
With departure of kanze dena to state house Lulu hassan will take time to get a news partner whith chemistry they had with kanze Dena.
Today we will tell you about Lulu hassan and her family
Lulu hassan was born in Mombasa to a Kikuyu mother and Somali father.
Lulu hassan went to aga Khan academy in Mombasa.
She has two sisters and Lulu hassan is the eldest.
In 2007 her mother died and she took the responsibility of taking care of the children and managing her mother's real estate properties.
Before concentrating in Journalism, Lulu Hassan pursued studies as a Human Resource Manager, Ticketing Officer, and Cabin Crew Hostess at Salrene Travel Operations College. Lulu Hassan resolved to study journalism after she secured a job at a radio station in Mombasa.
She started out at Radio Salaam.
She later joined KTN after two presenters went on maternity leave, she did an excellent job and was offered full time job.
She later moved to citizen tv where she presented together with kanze Dena.
Marriage,husband and children
Lulu hassan married long Time boyfriend Rashid abdalla and together they have two children.
They met when Lulu hassan was working in Radio Salaam.
Rashid heard her voice and decided to befriend the beautiful Lulu with an angelic voice.
Lulu hassan and Rashid abdalla are a happy family.
They will be the first couple to broadcast together in prime tv broadcast on nipashe weekend this Sunday.
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