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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Love is blind:Here is the Job Jackie Maribe boyfriend is doing

It’s now official that Citizen TV reporter, Jacque Maribe, is off the market.

According to snoops, Jowi worked as a club bouncer in Dubai before returning to Kenya where he has been working as a private security guard attached to politicians.
Perhaps he met Jacque Maribe during political events.

On social media, he splashes photos pretending to be a highly trained security officer but he is an ordinary bouncer.
The photos he posted holding a powerful gun were taken when he was working in Dubai as a club bouncer.

This is in sharp contrast to Jackie Maribe who is a top media personality with a six figure salary .

People had expected Jackie Maribe to be hooked up to a well known and powerful person but she chose  an ordinary kenyan who leads an ordinary life and works hard to make ends meet just like all other Kenyans.
Wedding plans are underway after the very much hyped engagement.

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