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Sunday, 8 July 2018

I might not be the jubilee candidate for 2022 Ruto confesses in live TV

Deputy president William Ruto has finally spoken about 2022 amid speculations that he has started early campaigns.
President Uhuru Kenyatta was the first to question deputy president tanga tanga movement and said that Ruto is moving everywhere every weekend.
Raila odinga has also said that Ruto should stop early campaigns and that time for campaigning will and Ruto and others will enter the ring.

Deputy president has finally spoken about 2022, in a live television event Ruto maintained that he is fighting to be nominated the jubilee candidate for 2022 just like everyone else and that it is not guaranteed that he will be nominated.
He said that if anyone else is nominated as jubilee candidate he will shelve his Presidential ambitions and support that person.

“I wanted to set the record straight today. No community, nobody, not even Uhuru Kenyatta, has a debt towards William Ruto. I am happy that I supported Uhuru Kenyatta and I’m happy with what we achieved,” he insisted.
If I’m elected the Jubilee candidate, I’ll run as a Jubilee member. Uhuru as the Jubilee party leader will select the appropriate candidate for 2022. If I will not be nominated, I will support any other person the the party will pick. If it will be me I will want to be judged by my track record,” he went on.

This is clear indication that Ruto is a down to earth person who even if Betrayed by jubilee will always emerge stronger and more energetic.

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