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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

How Education cabinet secretary Amina Mohammed son asked her for money to buy KCSE exams

Education cabinet secretary has finally opened up about an issue which was private to her.
The education ministry has been rocked by school unrest over the past 2 months with more than 100 schools going on strike and 198 students arrested.

Appearing before the parliamentary committee on Education, CS Amina opened up that when her son was sitting for the national examination in 2015, he approached her for money to buy leaked examination papers.
"My son was in Form Four three years ago. He came asking for money, saying a teacher in his school had asked for the cash. According to the teacher, the money was to be used in buying the students leaked KCSE papers.

"I told my son that I did not have the money and that I was going to work for it. He insisted the money was needed urgently. I stood my ground, nonetheless. He blamed me for failing to chip in to enable him to score an A (Plain) like his colleagues,” she told the committee.

Amina Mohammed maintained that the recent unrest in schools is fear for exams and used her son story to show how students might be fearing the exams because they have not prepared well.

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