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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Granny by the day and gangsters by night: Story of Granny gunned down by police (photos)

During the day 80 year old Wambui Muturi was a quiet old woman with few words.
Those who knew her said that she was quite and always kept to herself.
She rarely interacted with neighbors with many suspecting her to be a witch .
Wambui Muturi was a devout Catholic and rarely missed church.
Nobody even in their wildest dreams could suspect that she was a ring leader of kidnappers , terrorising residents of the vast mount kenya region .
At day wambui was a simple grandmother and  At night, the grandmother ran a kidnapping ring that had terrorised Mt Kenya residents and whose tentacles, police believe, extended to Nairobi.

Kidnapped victim who was rescued by police ,and grandmother and her accomplice killed ,has spoken

The victim who was rescued by police revealed that the grandmother ran a successful kidnapping ring and she revealed that beside cooking her ,the grandmother was the one directing the others and even threatened to circumcise her if the money is not sent.
She was that ruthless.
Ms Muturi(grandmother), Mr John Mwangi and Mr Samuel Kang’ethe were demanding 5 million shillings before police used their phone signals to track them and killed them.

Wambui Muturi has six children ,out of the six children 4 were boys.

2 of the boys were killed by mob justice after they were found stealing while the other 2 were killed by police in Nairobi.It seems gangster blood rans in the family.

She is survived by two daughters.

A photo of Wambui Muturi in the family’s album. The 80-year-old and her two accomplices were killed by police on Friday. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI | NATION MEDIA GROUP/Courtesy

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