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Monday, 30 July 2018

Government responds after pictures of Kisumu Chief who met matiangi went viral

The government of Kenya has responded after pictures of Kisumu Chief went viral.
The Kisumu Chief was one of the guests who received matiangi when he toured the region.

Many people castigated the chief saying he ate government money.
But through the spokesperson of interior ministry which matiangi heads kenyans have been warned to stop making fun of the chief.
Here is message from interior ministry spokesperson mwenda Njoka.
"This Chief in Homa Bay suffers from a rare genetic disease and has tried all sorts of treatment to no avail. It is callous and inhuman to accuse him of being corrupt by virtue of a genetic illness," Mwenda Njoka warned kenyans making fun of him

Kenyans were warned and told that its not fair to make fun of anyone based on their physical appearances.
The chief was trolled by kenyans creating funny memes over the past few days.

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