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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Forget Mercury and copper Here is Dangerous chemical found in meat

Kenyans have been hit with another shocker.
This is after it emerged that they have been feasting on poisonous chemicals while consuming meat.
This comes even as Kenyans are still battling with mercury, copper and lead that were discovered in the sugar that the country is consuming.
According to a reports, investigation has established butchers are using are using chemicals to preserve the meat.
The reports noted that they are using sodium metabisulfite to make meat appear fresher than it really is.
The revelation also comes at a time when tests conducted on a brand of cooking oil already in the market indicated that it was unfit for human consumption.
Sodium metabisulfite appears in a white powdery form.
The butchers dissolve it in water then smear it on meat which makes it look red and fresh even if it is weeks old in the butchery.
According to medics, the chemical is cancerous and fresh meat is not supposed to have any preservatives.

Via The Kenyan DAILY POST

Deputy president Ruto enjoying nyama choma/courtesy

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