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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Double blessings:Here are Good news Rashid and Lulu hassan might share with Kenyans tomorrow on their first broadcast

Swahili news anchor, Lulu Hassan, and her husband Rashid Abdalla are the talk of town ahead of their highly anticipated debut on the screen as a couple.
Rashid was recently poached from NTV And Citizen TV Has paired them for the Nipashe Wikendi segment. Which was recently presented by Lulu hassan and Kanze Dena before kanze Dena landed her state house job as government spokesperson.

Kenyans are looking forward to see their on-screen chemistry being the first ever couple to anchor news together.

On the other hand Lulu hassan is pregnant with their third child and it's very visible,the baby bump has started showing and they might share the news on their nipashe weekend broadcast tomorrow.

The couple are known to not be afraid to share their amazing life's with family on social media and it might not be surprising if they share the news with their viewers tomorrow.

The nipashe segment tomorrow might break the record of viewership owing to the fact that Lulu and Rashid are the first couple to anchor together in history of Kenya news broadcast.

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