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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Details about Deputy president Ruto and Kalonzo insiders 4 hours closed door meeting

With 2022 Elections around the corner, deputy president William Ruto seems to be working around the clock to ensure that he is well prepared for the election.
Ruto is now mending political fences with 2017 election foes after it emerged clearly that the mount kenya political block is not guaranteed for the deputy president.

Kalonzo close political advisors and insiders held 4 hour closed door meeting with deputy president few days ago.
Led by Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi, the lawmakers maintained that the meeting was aimed at seeking more development for Kitui County from the national government.
The young MP maintained that they did not discuss about 2022 but ways bring development to kitui county after he was asked by journalists about the meeting.

The mp was also quoted saying that wiper was looking to work with the deputy president ahead of the 2022 poll.

“As we all might have seen, there is a clear indication that Jubilee is in the brink of a major falling-out. Our aim as Wiper is to capitalize on [it] by seeking support from either side which would be willing to work with us,” Dr Mulyungi stated.
“Nobody can buy our allegiance; we are in Wiper to stay and the only thing that can happen is people from other parties joining us and not vice versa,” the MP was quoted by a local media house, addressing claims that Kitui MPs may have shifted their loyalty from Kalonzo

It  will not be surprise to see Kalonzo musyoka ditch the NASA outfit and work with deputy president Ruto ahead of 2022.

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