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Friday, 20 July 2018

Crime does not pay:Hessy Kills an 80 year old grandma thug and her gang(photos)

Hessy is a popular online cop who has gunned down the most hardcore criminals in the country after warning them on social media.

Today hessy again ended the life of an 80 year old grandma with her gang.
The gang had kidnapped a woman and were holding her hostage and demanding a 5 Million random.
The Grandma main role was cooking for kidnapped victims and also hiding weapons used for the gangsters missions.

Police from muranga and Nairobi trailed the gang to their rural hiding and killed them.
Here is what the online cops posted after killing the thug
"Am in love with how karma catches up with its clients...The incident happened yesterday at Mugoiri(kwa paul) in Murang'a County.But allow me to talk about one #Sisko (The guy in a Brown Jacket)...Resided in Baraka Mwolem na hapo alifanya maneno sawasawa...Armed with his tools of work,they managed to car jack a Prado early this month @ Buruburu Phase 5 and shot dead the wife to the owner of the car after she resisted to be raped...Sasa mafichoni yakawa kule mashambani...Ona sasa yaliyojiri... Those saying mara the mama,sijui the shosho...she was the one sheltering the hostages sisko and the team would kidnapp...Hakuna mwizi mdogo na mkubwa."
Translated to mean that the grandmother killed was mainly part of the thugs and was deeply involved in the thugs crimes.

Here are photos of the dead thugs including the grandmother.

See photos here

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