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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Comparing Gideon Moi with Ruto is Like comparing an elephant with A Rat

Few weeks ago Gideon Moi pulled an embarrassment of the year against deputy president William Ruto by blocking him from seeing his father ,former president Moi.

Ngunyi has weighed on recent activities and came with this political analogy that comparing Ruto with Gideon is like comparing an elephant with a Rat.
Ruto being the elephant.
Comparing William Ruto with Gideon Moi is like comparing an elephant with a rat. Ruto is the behemoth of the Rift Valley politics and he enjoys support beyond the valley. He is a shrewd and calculating politician. He has fought many battles. Some big and others small," says the analyst.
Ngunyi adds that when Gideon was walking in Baringo asking village elders to endorse him for Senator, Ruto was busy waging war against the ICC and the entire CORD coalition.
He adds that Gideon is a political lightweight riding on his father's (retired President Daniel Arap Moi) success.
"Ruto is a self made politician who doesn't fear political duels. Gideon is a wimp. He is already asking Jubilee to protect him from losing his smaller seat by not sponsoring a candidate to challenge him. This is the man who is expected to compete with heavyweight Ruto yet he is fearing losing his seat to an unknown villager," he adds.

Ngunyi says the Opposition is also aware of Ruto's political influence adding that the DP has remained the Opposition's stumbling block.

"Ruto will become the president of Kenya, not because of endorsement from prominent Kikuyus or Kalenjins, but by controlling events to favor him. He is intelligent," says Ngunyi.

He adds that unlike Uhuru , Ruto does not take opposition attacks lying down opining that he returns fire with fire in the most brutal way.
Ruto is a self made politician while Gideon is riding on his father's presidency.

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