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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Why i always wanted to marry ailing billionaire chris kirubi Hudah Monroe Confesses

Chris Kirubi has been a subject of public interest ever since he started treatment for colon cancer which has greatly affected his health.
Hudah Monroe has always admitted he has a crush on the billionaire who is ailing.
Here is what she shared sometime back when people were accusing Kirubi of being a thief.

"Sickness and disease does not know the poor or the rich. You are not special. Things can happen to you at any state,” she wrote on Snapchat."

She also defended the billionaire investments.
Chris Kirubi is a great man. He bought shares at the right places and he got lucky. Some of you broke people assume every rich man is a thief,” she warned.

She today admitted that she always wanted to marry the billionaire because of his great mind.
Here is what he shared in Instagram.

She shared the second photo below an captioned.
That's why I always wanted to marry c.k. Such a great man.

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